aaahhhh testing!!! >_>

testing again...

this place is still under construction but you can take a peek at it while it's still a homonculous :)

this is my youtoob account where i make silly songs and post them online

i draw things too!! heres my ocs snowy and fennec sanderson :).. it says hawk but i've changed her name since then, im just too lazy to go back and take another photo

they are best friends!! they're both in an mtf group (i havent figured what its called, probably not gonna be one from the scp site lol) fennec is unfortunately diagnosed with furry disease tony is very awkward around others but statistically he is the one most likely to kill you :O) fennec is a sniper though

pssst... before u go.. can you clean my website for me? it hasnt been the same since the toxic waste leak :( (click and drag image!)